The Westing Game Answer Key

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#1 What happened to Theo at the end of the book?
#2 Why did Sam Westing pick all of his disguises?
#3 Why did Sandy disappear while finding out who the murderer was?
#4 How come Sam Westing is still alive if he is Sandy and Sandy died?
#5 Who grumbled 'some game' in chapter 16?
#1 Who wrote nasty signs about Turtle?
#2 Who was the bomber?
#3 Why did Mr. Westing create the Westing Game?
#4 Why did Westing pay for Turtle's education?
#5 Why did Sam Westing blow his house up?
#1 Why did Madame Hoo say 'boom'?
#2 Why did T.R. and Theo not want to have a child?
#3 What happened to the main characters over the course of five years?
#4 If you were one of the heirs, which heir would you consider to be the main enemy? Why?
#5 Who was the queen in the Westing Game?
#1 Who did Chris marry?
#2 How many bombs went off?
#3 What did Turtle leave in the Westing house?
#4 Whose shadow did Turtle see in the beginning of the book?
#5 What clues did Angela and Sydelle have originally?
#1 Why did Violet kill herself?
#2 Why did Turtle cut her hair?
#3 Why does Chris' speech improve at the end of the book?
#4 Who paid for Chris' education and why?
#5 Why doesn't Turtle ever tell anyone about Sandy/Sam Westing?
Final Question
How did Angela sign her position the first time? What about the second time? What does this say about her character?