Mitosis vs Meiosis Answer Key

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#1 The nucleus dissolves What is prophase
#2 Number of daughter cells formed What is 2
#3 Spindle fibers pull chromosomes apart What is anaphase
#4 Type of cells that undergo mitosis What is somatic/body
#5 What type of cells are formed at the end of mitosis What is diploid
-some; -tid; -tin
#1 Interphase What is chromatin
#2 connected by a centromere what is chromatid
#3 Line up on the equator What is chromosome
#4 Coiled DNA What is chromosome
#5 Invisible What is chromatin
#1 Number of daughter cells What is 4
#2 The part of meiosis that refers to the organization and separation of homologous chromosomes What is Meiosis I
#3 Term that refers to half the amount of DNA What is haploid
#4 Chromosomes of the same size and shape that code for the same traits What is homologous chromosomes
#5 Stage in which sister chromatids separate from each other What is Anaphase II
Mitosis or Meiosis
#1 Homologous chromosomes What is Meiosis
#2 End result is 2 diploid cells What is mitosis
#3 Creation of gamete cells What is meiosis
#4 Creation of 4 sperm cells What is meiosis
#5 Responsible for organisimal growth What is mitosis
#1 What is metaphase
#2 What is telophase I
#3 What is anaphase II
#4 What is prophase
#5 What process is being shown? What is crossing over
Final Question
If an organism has 110 chromosomes, what will the total end result be after meiosis? What is 4 cells with 55 chromosomes