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Abnormal Psychology
#1 Apattern of pathological emotion, thought, or action that causes personal distress, or violates social norms What is abnormal behavior
#2 In early therapy, this type of therapy was used to allow evil spirits to escape What is Trephining (boring holes in the skull
#3 The specialized branch of medicine that deals with dx, treatment and prevention of mental disorders What is psychiatry
#4 Hoarding is mostly commonly associated with which mental illness? What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
#5 The term neuroses now refers to which disorder? What is anxiety.
Diagnosing Abnormal Behavior
#1 Lifelong problems such as mental retardation and personality disorders would be classified under which axis of the DSM-IV-TR? What is axis II
#2 Mariana reports that she suffers from thyroid disorder. What axis is she providing information to her therapist about? What is axis III
#3 Insomnia, hypersomnia, and sleep terrors What are sleep disorders.
#4 Chronic, uncontrollable, excessive worrying about nothing in particular is associated with _____. What is generalized anxiety disorder.
#5 Sudden inexplicable episodes of intense fear with persistent concern of future occurrences is associated with _____. What is panic disorder.
Mental Diorders
#1 anxiety about being in a place where escape is difficult or embarrassing. What is agoraphobia
#2 This is characterized by an intense, irrational fear and avoidance of a specific object or situation. What is a panic attack.
#3 This is an excessive and unreasonable state of excitement and impulsive behavior. What is mania.
#4 A disorder that is characterized by severely disturbed perception, language, thought, emotion, and behavior is _____. What is schizophrenia.
#5 Someone who experiences episodes of mania or cycles between mania and depression has a _____. What is bipolar disorder.
Psychosis and Other Mental Disorders
#1 This disorder is characterized by impulsivity, and an instability of mood, relationships, and self-image. What is Borderline Personality Disorder
#2 This is a culture-bound disorder that is characterized by delusions and cannibalistic impulses. What is windigo psychosis
#3 _____ is related to losing one's sense of reality and feeling estranged from oneself. What is depersonalization.
#4 This disorder is an attempt to avoid painful memories or situations, and is characterized by amnesia, fugue, or multiple personalities. What is dissociative disorder.
#5 When a person experiences anxiety, depression, and substance abuse at one time, we would use the term __________ to describe this. What is comorbidity
#1 The system of psychotherapy developed by Freud that seeks to bring unconscious conflicts into conscious awareness is known as _____. What is psychoanalysis
#2 I psychoanalysis, reporting whatever comes to mind without monitoring its contents What is free association
#3 This form of therapy focuses on faulty thought processes and beliefs to treat problem behaviors. What is cognitive therapy
#4 _____ therapy helps clients to adjust their affective or emotional experiences in order to maximize personal growth. What is humanistic
#5 _____ therapy uses techniques based on learning principles to change maladaptive behavior. What is behavior therapy.
Final Question
An individual's relatively stable and enduring pattern of thoughts, feelings, and actions is known as his or her _____.