Midterm Review Answer Key

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'Swimming to Antarctica'
#1 True or False :Lynne Cox swam the mile in the Antarctic waters to win a bet. False; to prove to herself that she could do it
#2 Which line from Swimming to Antarctica would logically lead a reader to predict that Lynne Cox's swim would be extremely difficult? A. I knew that the weather could suddenly change and the swim would be off B. I wondered if in thirty-two-degree water the water in my cells would freeze …. C. Gabriella came in to take a core temperature; it was up to 100.4 degrees D.In the protection of the Antarctic Peninsula, the wind dropped off and the sea grew calmer B
#3 How does Lynne Cox feel about the mile-long swim before she attempts it? A. She is certain she can do it. B. She is nearly paralyzed with fear C. She is confident and carefree. D.She is fearful and excited D
#4 What does Lynne Cox learn later about her swim? A. Someone else had already done it. B. It could have caused permanent nerve damage C. Nobody thought that she would be able to do it. D. She had not actually swum a whole mile. B
#5 In Swimming to Antarctica, when does the swim become difficult? A. in the first moment, when Lynne Cox's head goes under the water B. when killer whales are sighted C. partway through the swim, when Lynne Cox's arms become numb D. near the end of the swim, when Lynne Cox hits ice as she swims A
A Visit to Grandmother'
#1 What is the most important theme in “A Visit to Grandmother”? A. a teenager’s first meeting with his father’s family B. a mother’s reunion with her son C. a man’s attempt to face a childhood pain D. a horse’s misbehavior and its results C
#2 In “A Visit to Grandmother,” Chig’s father had never talked much about his family,a. Aunt Rose. b. his brother GL. c. Mae. d. Uncle Hiram. B
#3 True or False? GL’s character can best be described as charming and irresponsible True
#4 What do Charles’s words and actions surrounding his mother’s treatment of him as a child reveal about his character?A. He is sensitive and full of anger. B. He is unable to express his feelings.C. He dislikes humorous stories.D. He views his mother as perfect. A
#5 Which of the following lines from the story is an example of direct characterization? A. 'he had spoken of GL with the kind of indulgence he would have showncute, but ill-behaved and potentially dangerous, five-year-old.” B. “‘He’ll be here though; he ain’t as young and footloose as he used to be.’ C. “And Chig had a suspicion now that the reunion had been only an excuse to drive south, that his father had been heading to this house all the time.” D. “She was a honey-colored woman, with long eyelashes.” D
'Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket'
#1 Why does Tom want to spend the evening working? A. His boss has asked him to do so. B. He is eager to finish his proposal. C. He wants to be paid for overtime work. B
#2 When Tom first goes out on the ledge, he sees his action as mainly A. heroic. C. brave. B foolish. D. practical. D
#3 What does the yellow paper symbolize for Tom at the begining of the story? A. Nothing B. a way out his marriage C. wealth and respect D. months of hardwork C
#4 Walking back to the window is more difficult than walking away from it mainly because of a change in A. the temperature. B. the wind direction. C. Tom’s attitude D. Tom’s desire to retrieve the paper..
#1 Why are the children too eager to go outdoors and play at the start of “Games at Twilight'?a. They are beginning to bicker and feel they need their own space.b. Their faces are turning red and they are having trouble breathing. C. They have been in the house all day and they are feeling restless. D. It will be a refreshing change from the heat of the house. C
#2 What initially motivates Ravi to enter the shed in “Games at Twilight”? a. his certainty that he will win the game if he hides in thereb. knowing that he can easily slip back out and find another hiding place c. his amusement that he would consider something so bold d. his fear that his brother Raghu will find him on the flower pot D
#3 ____ 11. How do the other children feel about Ravi after he charges at them? a. They feel bad that they have forgotten about him, and they want to make it up to him b. They are angry at him for interfering with their game. c. They don’t remember who he is at first and are not sure what he’s carrying on about d. They are happy to see him because they were worried about him and wondered where he was C
#4 What is it about the shed that makes Ravi apprehensive?a. It is filled with broken furniture, spiders, and rats. b. It is old and rickety, and he is afraid it might fall apart.c. He is afraid that once he gets inside he will not be able to get back out. d. It is not a very good hiding place; Raghu could easily find him. A
#5 Which of the following statements reflects Ravi’s feeling toward Raghu? a. He admires Raghu’s gentle and compassionate nature.b. He is intimidated by Raghu but also admires him. c. He thinks Raghu is a bully and has no respect for him. d. He thinks Raghu is weak and cowardly. C
#1 What are three types of Drama? Tragedy, Comedy and Modern
#2 What is drama? drama is a story enacted onstage for a live audience
#3 True or False: Through stage driections, a playwright describes setting and characters’ actions and manner. True
#4 Theater artists include: Actors, directiors, lighting technicians and stage crew
#5 What are three types of stages? Thrust, In the Round and Proscenium
Final Question
What score does one have to achieve to get a passing score on the FCAT Writes? 4 (or higher)