Slavery Unit Vocabulary Answer Key

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#1 Eli Whitney and his cotton 'gin'? A michine that efficiently removed seeds from cotton, and it created a new demand for slaves to grow and pick more cotton.(supported)
#2 The Law of Unintended Consequences? Every action a person, or an organization, takes has effects that are unanticipated or unintended.
#3 The Missouri Comprise? Missouri enters the Union as a slave state. Maine enters the Union as a free state.(unclear)
#4 American Colonization Society and Liberia, West Africa? A.C.S was organized in 1817 to assist free blacks to return to African. In 1822, Liberia was founded as an African home for free blacks.(unclear)
#5 Free Black? An American person of African descent who is not held as a slave.
#1 Fugitive Slave? A runaway slave.
#2 Slave Codes Laws specifically applying to slaves.
#3 Abolitionist? Someone who wants to end slavery and does something about it.
#4 Rev. Elijah Lovejoy and his abolitionist newspaper? Acknowledged as the first martyr for the cause of abolition, Lovejoy was killed in 1837 by a pro-slavery mob in Alton, IL.(opposed)
#5 Nat Turner and his 1831 revolt? Led a slave revolt that killed over 50 white people in a single morning.(supperted)
#1 William Lloyd Garrison and 'The Liberator'? An abolitionist newspaper publisher, Garrison worked for immediate abolition, and he published his newspaper for 35 years.(opposed)
#2 Underground Railroad? A secret network of abolitionist working to help fugitive slaves escape to Canada or Mexico.(opposed)
#3 Popular Sovereignty(constituionalism)? Allowing the people to vote on matters affecting them. Spesifically, territories were encoursged to vote whether they want slavery.(unclear)
#4 Compromise of 1850? California enters as a free state, giving free states a one state advantage. To balance this, a strict fugitive slave clause is added.(unclear)
#5 Fugitive Slave Law of 1850? All must help return escaped slaves or face stiff fines or imprisonment.(supported)
#1 Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin? Abolitionist novel, angered southerners who said it was stereotyping, the best-selling novel of the century(1800s).(opposed)
#2 Kansas-Nebraska Act-1854? Kansas and Nebraska territories are organized, and will use popular sovereignty to decide the slavery question. This undoes the Missouri Comprimise line established back in 1820.(unclear)
#3 John Brown and the massacre at Pottawatomie Creek? Militant abolitionist who murdered five pro-slavery men, hacking them to death with Broadswords, in Kansas.(opposed)
#4 Charles Sumner? Senator from Massachusetts, abolitionist, spoke out in congress against slave owners-specially Andrew Butler, Senator from South Carolina.(opposed)
#5 Preston Brooks/Andrew Butler? Andrew Butler was personally offended by some of Charles Sumner's remarks, but was too old to defend his honor...Butler's Nephew, Preston Brooks, was not too old...(supported)
#1 1856 Senate attack? Preston Brooks savagely beat Charles Sumner with a cane in the Senator chamber. Sumner did not die, but did not return to The Senator, for nearly these years. Brooks's supporters sent him new cane.
#2 Stephen Douglas? Not a abolitionist. Create popular sovereignty.(supported)
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