The Westing Game - Chapters 9 - 12 Test Review Answer Key

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Chapter 9 - Lost and Found
#1 What happened to the elevator of Sunset Towers? It was turned into a bulletin board.
#2 Whatg clues were left on the elevator wall for all to see? Fake clues teasing Turtle about her braid.
#3 What caused the nervousness of Turtle and Flora Baumbach? They had to order stocks with their money.
#4 Why did Mrs. Wexler fix Turtle's hair and tell her she was so pretty pink? She wanted to coax her to share her clues.
#5 Why did Turtle kick everything in her room as she left? Her mother hurt her feelings by saying everything she had belonged to Angela.
Chapter 10 - The Long Party
#1 What lie did Judge Ford catch Mrs. Wexler in at the party? She claimed to be a niece to Mr. Westing
#2 Why was Angela upset and crying at the party? She was tired of her mother running her life for her.
#3 Why did Angela and Mrs. Pulaski dress alike to go to the party? They thought one of the clues was about twins and wanted to get someone to talk about twins.
#4 What did Mrs. Pulaski criticize Judge Ford about? Choosing her career over marriage.
#5 Two people at Sunset Towers were not heirs. Who were they? George and Catherine Theodorakis
Chapter 11 - The Meeting
#1 One their third snowbound day, what decision di the heirs face? Whether or not to share their clues.
#2 What name did Turtle tell Flora was her real name? Alice.
#3 Why did Mr. Hoo laugh when Mrs. Wexler said Turtle was helping Dr. Wexler with his bookkeeping? Because Dr. Wexler was a bookie (gambler).
#4 What did Judge Ford lose that she posted a wanted sign for? A gold watch.
#5 Why did Doug panic when Mr. Hoo mentioned alibis? Because he had been there the night of the supposed murder.
Chapter 12 - The First Bomb
#1 Why did Angela hesitate to call the fire department? They were snowbound and she knew the fire department couldn't get through.
#2 From her newpaper research, which of the following did Judge ford find had a connection to Mr. Westing? Mr. Hoo.
#3 Who did Turtle say her mother thought stole the shorthand notebook? Angela.
#4 What did Mr. Hoo think caused the explosion in the kitchen of the coffee shop? Heat from the stove.
#5 What does Judge Fod decide to do to help solve the puzzle? Hire a private detective.
Final Question
What did Angela think Turtle's 'crutch' was? What type of figurative language did the author use? Turtle's braid was her 'crutch' - metaphor.