Exam 1 Coms101 Review Answer Key

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Chapter One
#1 According to the text, what are the essential components of communication? Source/Sender, Message, Interference/Noise, Channel, Receiver, Feedback, Environment pg. 19
#2 When individuals are involved in simultaneous communication process, they are involved in _________. A. Encoding B. An Interaction C.Decoding D. A Transaction E. Reception D. A Transaction pg.16
#3 After receiving an email from her boyfriend stating that their relationship was over, Erin began translating the message into her own thoughts. This process is known as A) encoding. B) internalizing. C) responding. D) decoding. E) remembering. D. Decoding pg.22
#4 The classical rhetorician who noted that communication needed to be presented by 'a good man speaking well' was: A. Caesar B. Aristotle C. Quintillian D. Corax C. Quintillian pg. 10
#5 Sandra and Amanda take turns exchanging information about their shopping experiences over lunch. Their conversation best demonstrates that communication is: A. Unintentional B. Interactive C. Ethical D. Cognitive E. Multicultural B. Interactive pg.16
Chapter Seven
#1 If you adapt your speech to the occupational and educational level of your audience, you are employing what kind of audience analysis? A) reasoned B) attitudinal C) biographical D) personal E) demographic E. Demographic pg.180-182
#2 True or False: The overall goal of a speech is called the thesis statement. False pg.173
#3 The most important factor that contributes to an effective speech presentation is A) organizing the content of the speech. B) delivery. C) analyzing the audience. D) researching the topic. E) selecting an appropriate topic. E. selecting an appropriate topic pg.165
#4 An effective specific purpose identifies A) the references used, the main points, and the attention-getter. B) the general purpose of the speech, the audience, and the exact topic to be covered. C) the general purpose of the speech, the audience, and the call to action. D) the audience, the internal preview, and the main points. E) the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. B. the general purpose of the speech, the audience, and the exact topic to be covered. pg.176-177
#5 Of the following speech topics, which is most appropriate for a seven minute speech? A) air pollution B) the environment C) environmental pollution D) carbon dioxide emissions E) ecology D. Carbon Dioxide Emissions pg.173-174
Chapter Eight
#1 According to most college professors and professional speakers, every ten minutes of speaking time requires at least how many hours of research and presentation time? A) 2 hours B) 10 hours C) 6 hours D) 4 hours E) 20 hours B. 10 hours pg.192
#2 _______ are an effective means of gaining up-to-date information from people who have specialized knowledge of your topic. A) Newspaper articles B) Interviews C) Personal observations D) Magazine articles E) Websites B. Interviews pg.193
#3 'Imagine that you are in a situation where an angry mob has accused a friend of yours of a serious crime and they are going to hang him because they believe your friend is guilty even though he isn't. Your only chance to save your friend is to convince the unruly mob of your friend's innocence.' This is best described as A) a hypothetical illustration. B) a factual narrative. C) a literal analogy. D) a factual illustration. E) a literal metaphor. A. Hypothetical Illustration pg. 205
#4 Which method of analyzing audiences is typically the most time consuming? A) random sampling B) survey interviews C) experiments D) questionnaire E) observation B. Survey interviews pg.185
#5 Which of the following best illustrates the notion of bias in a website consulted to find information on carcinogenic substances? A) a scientific study sponsored by a university B) a scientific study sponsored by the government C) a scientific study sponsored by a hospital D) a scientific study sponsored by a corporation E) a scientific study sponsored by Consumer Reports D. A scientific study sponsored by a corporation. pg. 170-171
Chapter Nine
#1 Effective main points include which of the following elements? A) general language B) specific references to bibliographic information C) ambiguous wording D) vivid language E) abstract terms D. Vivid language pg.217
#2 If a speaker says, 'We have considered the lack of an adequate number of highways in the United States; now let us turn to consider the safety of those highways,' the speaker is using a A) functional organization pattern. B) descriptive summarization pattern. C) transition. D) signpost. E) outline. C. Transition pg.222
#3 Types of daycare facilities in the workplace, types of tsunamis, and types of flu vaccines are all ideas that could be addressed using which organizational pattern? A) problem-solution pattern B) topical pattern C) indirect sequence pattern D) cause-effect pattern E) serial pattern B. Topical Pattern pg.220
#4 An effective way to help your audience follow along with you is to use A) quotations. B) examples. C) statistics. D) external previews. E) internal summaries. E. Internal Summaries pg.223
#5 When determining the number of main points in your speech, you should consider the time available, the content to be covered, and A) the amount of information the audience can reasonably comprehend. B) the supporting material used in the speech. C) the visual aids used in the speech. D) the number of extended examples you plan to include when explaining various topics. A. The amount of information the audience can reasonably comprehend.
#1 Audience analysis includes A) a philosophical analysis. B) a financial analysis. C) a rhetorical analysis. D) a demographic analysis. E) a physiological analysis. D. Demographic Analysis pg.180-185
#2 True or False: The organizational pattern especially helpful for tracing the relationships among a series of events is the cause-effect pattern. False pg.220
#3 The function indicator '.com' of a URL indicates that the purpose of the website is A) to provide factual information and explanation. B) to influence public opinion and advocate for particular issues. C) to promote and sell products, or provide current news and information. D) to entertain. E) to identify accredited museums. C. to promote and sell products, or provide current news and information. pg.198
#4 According to the text, which of the following is an appropriate source of information one can use when researching a speech topic? A) 'canned' speeches provided in professional magazines B) yourself C) personal websites D) tabloids E) editorials B. Yourself pg.192-193
#5 The number of main points in your speech will depend on A) the type of attention-getter used in the introduction. B) the audience. C) the number of visual aids needed for the speech. D) the complexity of the supporting materials required for each point. E) the number of transitions you want to include. D. The complexity of the supporting materials required for each point.
Final Question
Which of the following is an example of an effective way to state a specific purpose? A) to inform my audience of the three reasons to buy a computer and the four best statistical programs for home computers available on the market B) informing on guns and TV C) to persuade the audience that the Internet has three positive effects on society D) children and the Internet E) The effects of a permissive society can be extremely harmful to children if they are not monitored and guided when they use computers, and can also create a society which eventually becomes desensitized to reality. C. to persuade the audience that the Internet has three positive effects on society pg.176-177