Boom Town Answer Key

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#1 What are paths placed next to a road? sidewalks
#2 What does blossomed mean? A person or a business that grows and develops.
#3 What word means to complain in a low voice? grumbled
#4 What is a synonym for wailed? cried
#5 What vocabulary word means to be lonely? lonesome
#1 Why does Amanda's family decide to move to California? They want to find gold and get rich.
#2 In the beginning of the story where does Pa sleep during the week? In the gold fields
#3 What happens the first time Amanda makes a pie? It burns and is hard as a rock.
#4 Why doesn't Ma have time to help Amanda bake pies when she first starts baking? Ma is going to have a baby.
#5 Why does Mr. Hooper agree to build sidewalks for the new town? People are always falling in the muddy roads.
Compound Words- Pick the compound word and tell what it means
#1 A cobbler is a shoemaker. shoemaker, person who makes shoes
#2 The sign in front of the store was handmade. handmade, made by hand
#3 Do you think Amanda's town needs a newspaper? newspaper, a publication printed on paper with news stories
#4 The headline of the story read, 'GOLD!' headline, top line of a news story
#5 The blacksmith in town traded some tools for a new shirt. blacksmith, a person who makes and fixes iron objects
#1 What are pronouns? a word that takes the place of one or more nouns.
#2 How many pronouns? He says it makes him want to live back in the Old West. 3, he, it, him
#3 How many pronouns? It makes me want to start a business, too! 2, it, me
#4 How many mistakes? it is in a red building on maple street? 4 It is in a red building on Maple Street.
#5 How many mistakes? like amanda, i live in california 5, Like Amanda, I live in California.
#1 What is sequence? The order in which things take place.
#2 What signal words or phrases help a reader figure out when events take place? first, then, next, last, later, after .......
#3 What clues tell you that this story takes place in the past? Characters travel by stagecoach, and some of them are looking for gold. The illustrations show old-fashioned clothes.
#4 Why did the author decide to write this story? She read about a woman who make more than $10,000 by baking pies in a skillet during the California Gold Rush.
#5 Explain how the town got the name Boom Town. Many people moved to the town and opened businesses that are 'booming,' or keeping all of the workers busy helping customers and making goods. Business continued to open as the need was realized.
Final Question
Do you think Amanda's family is proud of her? Why or why not? Yes, I think Amanda's family is proud of her because she helped the family make money and the town grow. You can tell that they are proud of her because they all helped her bake pies and gather materials that she needed. In the end, Pa asked if he could join her business so they could work together.