Ecosystem Interactions Answer Key

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parts of an ecosystem
#1 What can biomes be subdivided into? What are ecosystems?
#2 What are 5 abiotic components? What are oxygen, water, nutrients, light and soil?
#3 What aris a place where an organism lives? What is a habitat?
#4 Where does the sculpin live? What is a tidepool?
#5 Where does a red-backed salamander live? What is the decaying wood of a fallen tree?
Abiotic Interactions
#1 What can plants and animals not survive without? What is oxygen/
#2 How do you feel without oxygen? What is dizzy?
#3 What is the % range of water in cells? What is between 50 and 90%?
#4 What is it you can go longer without than water? What is food?
#5 Two nutrients required for plant and animal growth? What are nitrogen and phosphorous?
Abiotic Interactions 2
#1 What is required for photosynthesis? What is light?
#2 What decreases the deeper you go underwater? What is light?
#3 What increases the higher up you go in the tree canopy? What is light?
#4 A square metre of what contains over 1000 different species? What is soil?
#5 Several thousand species of what is contained in a gram of soil? What is bacteria?
Biotic Interactions in Ecosystems
#1 A group of closely related organisms that can reproduce? What is a species?
#2 All the members of a species within an ecosystem? What is a population?
#3 What is the smallest member of the Williams Creek population mentioned? What is a mosquito?
#4 All the populations that interact in a specific area of an ecosystem? What is a community?
#5 What is in order - organism, population, community and ecosystem? What is an ecological hierarchy?
Biotic Interactions
#1 What are three kinds of biotic interactions in populations? What commensalism, mutualism and parasitism?
#2 Cinnensualism, mutualism and parasitism are examples of what relationship type? What is symbiotic?
#3 What relationship is it that benefits only one species? What is commesalism?
#4 What relationship is it that benefits both? What is mutualism?
#5 What relationship is it that benefits one and harms the other? What is parasitism?
Final Question
Over what number of parasites that can infect humans? What is 3200?