BIOS and CMOS 1 revised Answer Key

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Who's the BOIS?
#1 What has their own BIOS (Option ROM) for internal functions. Video cards
#2 What did Microsoft, Intel, AMI, Phoenix Technologies, AMD, HP, and Apple create to improve upon EFI? UEFI
#3 What did Intel and Hewlett-Packard create to go beyond the limits of the traditional 16-bit BIOS? EFI
#4 About 99 percent of the BIOS business is controlled by two companies. Of the following, which one is not a major BIOS manufacturer? Intel, American Megatrends, Award Software, Phoenix Technology Intel
#5 Which of the following handles the interconnection between most of the devices and the CPU? Southbridge
Where's the Dip?
#1 Which chip is used to store information that describes specific device parameters? CMOS
#2 What are programs stored on ROM chips called? Firmware, BIOS, or Services
#3 Where is BIOS permanently stored? System ROM
#4 Every time a key is pressed on the keyboard, this chip in the keyboard notices which key has been pressed. Scanning Chip or keyboard controller chip (8042)
#5 A separate memory chip that stores the information that describes specific device parameters. CMOS
Let's work on it
#1 Which of the following is not a common key or key combination to enter CMOS setup? Del, Esc, F1, Scroll Lock Scroll Lock
#2 How does a computer convey POST information to a user? Beep codes and text messages
#3 The computer is beeping constantly after you've booted it. What's a likely problem? RAM
#4 What is used to change or remove device drivers in Windows? Device Manager
#5 How can you easily clear the CMOS, including clearing the password? Unplug the PC and short the CMOS jumper
What's this called?
#1 Several lines at the end of POST are used to find the operating system. What is this called? Bootstrap loader
#2 The first thing accessed upon powering up the computer; before the CPU is accessed. Power Good Wire
#3 Upgrading the BIOS is also called. Flashing
#4 A bootable disk is also called. System Disk
#5 What are the Northbridge and the Southbridge collectively known as? Chipsets
Who, What, Where, Why
#1 The CPU uses What to communicate with devices. address bus
#2 Some CMOS setup programs allow you to control the ATA Security Mode Feature Set, also commonly referred to as DriveLock
#3 What are some indications that the battery is dying? Calendar resetting to Jan. 1, incorrect time, loss of data.
#4 The location on a bootable disk that contains special programming designed to tell the system where to locate the operating system. Boot sector
#5 From where can the boot option be selected? Advanced BIOS Features
Final Question
What does the acronym CMOS and the acronym BIOS stand for? CMOS - Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor and BIOS - Basic Input Output System