Review for Photosynthesis and Respiration Exam Answer Key

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#1 What is respiration that takes place in the presence of oxygen called? aerobic
#2 What is respiration that takes place in the absence of oxygen called? anaerobic
#3 In a prokaryotic cell, where does glycolysis occur? cytoplasm
#4 Krebs cycle produces all of the following except: NADH, FADH2, oxygen, ATP Oxygen
#5 True or false? Glycolysis takes place in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. True
#1 What is the pigment that is found in nearly every photosynthetic organism? chlorophyll a
#2 What is the name of the organelle where photosynthesis takes place in a eukaryotic cell? chloroplast
#3 What are the stacks of photosynthetic membranes called in the chloroplast? grana
#4 The space between the grana in a chloroplast is called __________. stroma
#5 Which of the following is an example of an autotroph: bat, tree, cat, human tree
#1 True or false: plants are the only organisms that use ATP for energy transfer and storage. false
#2 Which of the following is not produced at the end of the electron transport chain: oxygen, NAD+, FAD, water oxygen
#3 What color of light in the visible light spectrum has the shortest wavelength? violet
#4 Do shorter wavelengths of light have higher or lower energy than longer wavelengths? higher
#5 '> chloroplast
Chemicals involved
#1 Which of the following are reactants in aerobic respiration: carbon dioxide, oxygen, sugar oxygen and sugar
#2 Which of the following is a product of respiration: oxygen, carbon dioxide, sugar carbon dioxide
#3 Which of the following are reactants of photosynthesis: oxygen, carbon dioxide, water carbon dioxide and water
#4 Which of the following are products of photosynthesis: oxygen, sugar, carbon dioxide oxygen and sugar
#5 How many ATPs are produced at the end of aerobic respiration? 36
More Miscellaneous
#1 What is the area on an enzyme called where the substrate attaches called? active site
#2 True or False. Chlorophyll is a green pigment because it absorbs green light on the visible light spectrum. false
#3 Do exergonic reactions produce products with higher or lower energy than the reactants? lower
#4 Where in a eukaryotic cell does the krebs cycle occur? matrix of the mitochondria
#5 Where are photosystems located in a chloroplast? thylakoids
Final Question
During cellular respiration, what will be found in high amounts when oxygen levels are low? lactate or lactic acid