Government Exam Review Game Answer Key

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Category 1
#1 In order for the Supreme Court to hear a case: b. four of the justices must agree to hear the case
#2 Today, most judges are selected by Presidents based on: a. ideology
#3 The example of Eisenhower selecting Earl Warren to the Supreme Court demonstrates: c. the importance of partisanship in Court selection
#4 John Marshall strengthened the power of the Supreme Court by invoking judicial review in: c. Marbury v. Madison
#5 Applied to politics, this is used to choose a candidate based on his or her views on a single, divisive issue such as women's reproductive rights or #!!##!!##!!# marriage Litmus Test
Category 2
#1 The point of origin for most cases in the federal system would be: d. federal district courts
#2 Which of the following statements concerning federal judges is NOT true? e. federal judges must be natural citizens born the United States
#3 The most common manner for a case to come before the court is: a. on a writ of certiorari
#4 The Constitution provided for: c. a federal court system that could include a Supreme Court and appellate courts
#5 Political philosophy that encompasses an openness to change Liberalism
Category 3
#1 The Supreme Court’s docket is mainly comprised of cases from: c. civil cases from federal courts
#2 When a justice on the Supreme Court agrees with the opinion of the Court but wishes to announce a different Constitutional or legal basis for the decision, the justice would write a: c. concurring opinion
#3 President Nixon, hoping to move the court toward an attitude of strict construction selected ________________ as the Chief Justice in 1969. c. Warren Burger
#4 The general welfare clause and the necessary and proper clause are used as points of argument for those favoring: e. loose constructionism
#5 Political Philosophy that encompasses the desire to maintain the status quo Conservatism
Category 4
#1 Which of the following cases is not one that the Warren Court established? e. Roe v. Wade
#2 That the Supreme Court should be an advocate for the under-represented and politically weak would be an argument for: a. judicial activism
#3 When Alexander Hamilton stated that “the Constitution ought to be the standard of construction for the laws, and ... wherever there is an evident opposition; the laws ought to give place to the Constitution…” he was advocating for: b. strict construction by the Courts
#4 Which of the following is NOT true concerning Senatorial courtesy? d. Senatorial courtesy is an old fashion tradition which is not always followed by Presidents today
#5 A lawsuit alleging violations of civil law by the defendant Civil Suit
Category 5
#1 After being appointed by the President, a Supreme Court nominee is investigated by: b. the Senate Judiciary Committee
#2 The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit: a. hears appeals in specialized cases such as copyright law, patents, and tariffs
#3 The concept of original intent means: d. judges should determine the purposes of the writers of the Constitution when deciding the outcome of cases
#4 The Supreme Court today consists of a Chief Justice and: c. eight associate justices
#5 A lawsuit alleging violations of criminal law by the defendant Criminal Suit
Final Question
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