Christmas Carol Answer Key

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Stave 1: Marley's Ghost
#1 What is Marley's first name AND how long has he been dead? Jacob. 7 years.
#2 What did Scrooge say about giving his clerk a day off for Christmas? It is unfair that he should have to pay a day's wages for a whole day off.
#3 What did Marley tell Scrooge in his house? He was doomed to travel the world, he made his own chains, and Scrooge has a chance to redeem himself.
#4 When did Marley say the visitors would come. One each night for the next three nights.
#5 What did Scrooge do after Marley left? Looked out the window and saw more spirits.
Stave 2: The first spirit
#1 What did Scrooge notice about the church chimes when he woke up? They went from 6 to 12, then stopped. He thought he slept through a whole day.
#2 Describe the first spirit. Like a child and an old man. Long, white hair. Wears white. Belt sparkled and there was a jet of light coming from the crown of its head.
#3 Scrooge asked the Spirit what business brought him there. What did it say? Your welfare and reclamation.
#4 What did Scrooge regret after looking at the Fezziwig's scene? He wished he could make his clerk happy.
#5 How did Scrooge try to get rid of the ghost? What happened? Tried to press the cap down on its head. Spirit dropped but light still shone.
Stave 3: The Second Spirit
#1 Where did Scrooge find the second spirit? In his bedroom.
#2 What was the first place Scrooge went with the second spirit? The streets on Christmas morning.
#3 What was the second place Scrooge went with the second spirit? The home of Scrooge's clerk, Bob Cratchit.
#4 What were some other places the Ghost took Scrooge? Miner's camp, lighthouse, and ship.
#5 Who were the two children the Ghost had under its robe? What were they called? Ignorance and Want.
Stave 4: The final spirit
#1 Where did the last spirit take Scrooge first? The city.
#2 Where did the spirit take Scrooge second? What did they see? To a obscure part of town. They saw people with bundles they had stolen from the dead man.
#3 What did Scrooge ask the spirit to show him? Tenderness and emotion at death.
#4 What question did Scrooge ask the ghost as they stood among the graves? If it was shadows of things that will be or that may be.
#5 What did Scrooge tell the Ghost he would do? He promised to honor Christmas all year.
Stave 5: The end of it all
#1 What day was it when Scrooge woke up? Christmas day.
#2 What did Scrooge ask the boy under his window to do, and why? He asked the boy to buy the prize turkey and send it to Cratchit's house.
#3 How did scrooge act when he went outside? Happy and saying hello to everyone.
#4 What did Scrooge do when he saw the man taking donations? Told him to come see him, so he could make a large donation.
#5 How did Scrooge spend the rest of his life? He was a good friend and a second father to Tiny Tim. He didn't see any more spirits.
Final Question
Describe the children under the 2nd spirit's robes? What did the Spirit tell Scrooge about them? The boy was Ignorance and the girl was want. The spirit said to beware of both, but mostly the boy. Doom was written on his forehead, and would stay there unless it could be erased.