Last Cover Answer Key

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Vocabulary (def. provided)
#1 A female fox What is Vixen
#2 Approve of What is Sanction
#3 Bewilder What is Confound
#4 Encouraging What is Abetting
#5 Sly, Cunning What is Crafty or wily
Vocabulary (word provided)
#1 Passive What is Taking no Active Part
#2 Sanctuary What is a place of protection
#3 Character Trait What is the qualities that create a person's personality
#4 Foil What is a character who is contrasts another character
#5 Static Character What is a character who stays the same during a story
#1 Who is the author of 'Last Cover'? Who is Paul Annixter
#2 What type of stories does he usually write What are nature stories
#3 Who did he write most of his stories with? Who is his wife
#4 Where is the author from? Where is Minneapolis, MN
#5 What happened to 3 of his stories? What is they were turned into shows for Disney's Wonderful World of Color
Last Cover
#1 Which character is the story mostly about (i.e. who is affected most)? Who is Colin
#2 What is a similarity between Colin and his father? What is love of nature, devotion
#3 Who is the conflict between in the story? Who is Colin and his father
#4 Why does Father chose not to go on the hunt? What is he thought it wasn't a fair/honorable hunt
#5 What is the theme of 'Last Cover'? What is differences make people special or You have to let something go to move on
Last Cover
#1 Is Father a static or dynamic character? What is dynamic
#2 Is Mother a static or dynamic character? What is static
#3 From whose point of view is the story told? What is Stan's
#4 Name one reason the story is called 'Last Cover' What is Bandit's last cover, the last cover of snow, or the last time Colin uses a box cover
#5 What is the climax of the story? What is when Father recognizes Colin's artistic ability
Final Question
Why is Stan Colin's foil? What is Stan makes Colin appear weaker and brings out Colin's instinctive relationship with nature