Hospitality law Chaps 1 to 3 Answer Key

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I am the Law
#1 What is Litigation? The act of initiating and carrying out a lawsuit
#2 What is Civil Law? law created by government entities that are concerned with private rights and remedies
#3 Common comes from what country? England
#4 What is Ethics? B. The behavior of an individual toward another individual or group
#5 Who played Judge Dredd? Sly Stallone
Corporations and Agencies
#1 Which organizational structure is least desirable from a liability perspective? Sole Proprietorship
#2 A type of business entity that offers liability protection to all owners and is exempt from taxation on its profits is? “S” corporation
#3 Generally, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does what? A. Prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals
#4 Name three types of Business Structures. Sole, Partnerships, corporations, etc.
#5 Upon notification from a government agency of a complaint or violation, name one appropriate thing to do? 1. Document the date and time all paperwork is received and be sure to check all correspondence for required deadlines 2. Assess the severity of the complaint and determine if legal consultation is necessary 3. Develop an action plan with or without an attorney
Hospitality Law True/False: The Beginning
#1 The hospitality industry is regulated by federal, state and local government entities. True
#2 In situations where federal, state and local laws conflict with one another, the federal law must be followed. False
#3 A contract requires an offer, acceptance, and consideration. True
#4 When dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, hospitality managers have a role of both taxpayer and tax collector. True
#5 In a limited partnership, the limited partner has unlimited liability. False
Hospitality Law True/False: The Revenge
#1 A sole proprietorship is the most complex of all organizational structures. False
#2 With a 'C' corporation, the company is liable for taxes on the corporation's profits. True
#3 The conduct of individual employees has a direct affect on the liability of a business. True
#4 All corporations must pay corporate and individual taxes. False
#5 The fees charged by management companies to operate a hotel vary, but commonly range between 1 and 5 percent of the hotel’s monthly revenue. True
Potpurri or Miscellaneous
#1 The 'S' in STEM stands for? Selection of the correct employee for the job
#2 What actor said, 'Say hello to my little friend? Pacino
#3 What was the name of the Whitney Houston movie with Kevin Costner? Accept my or the Bodyguard
#4 Spell the instructors last name. Wiehle
#5 True or False - Owner-operator is a type of operating structure in which the owners of a business are directly responsible for its day-to-day operation. Also known, in some cases, as an “independent.” True
Final Question
What state has not adopted the uniform commercial code? Louisiana