C/E Chapter 2- Roots of American Democracy Answer Key

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Name That Colony!
#1 In their free time, they enjoy witch hunting and have even killed 22! Salem, Massachusetts
#2 When they are not working off their debt, they can be found talking to the Spaniards Georgia
#3 This peaceful group lives in William's woods Quakers
#4 The people who work in this colony may end up getting lung cancer but at least they can brag that they lived in the first settlement Virginia
#5 This group of colonies may enjoy very cold and long winters, but at least they can spend time fishing. What is New England?
Show Me the Money!
#1 To refuse to buy goods Boycott
#2 Country’s power is wealth, meaning want to sell more and buy less What is mercantilism?
#3 North Carolina’s main product What is indigo dye?
#4 Great Britain put heavy taxes on America due to this war French and Indian War
#5 Name the three countries involved in the triangular trade and the items traded What is America (sugar, cotton, tobacco) to Europe (rum, textiles) to Africa (slaves)?
It Said WHAT?!?!
#1 Direct democracy at town meetings and voting was limited to men with land What is the Mayflower Compact?
#2 Protected the nobles’ rights, equal under the law, trial by peers and no one is above the law What is the Magna Carta?
#3 1st representative assembly in English colonies What is the House of Burgesses?
#4 He wrote the book Social Contract. He said people were oppressed by the government and should be run by the people Who is Jean Jacques Rousseau?
#5 Called for the first written Constitution, elected representatives from each town, and election of governor and judges What is the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut?
Let's Start it UP!
#1 This Act gave the West Indies a monopoly on a drinkable good- which caused it to be very cheap Tea Act
#2 Sought Independence from this king of England Who is King George III?
#3 Tax on all legal documents and newspapers. Later was repealed What is the Stamp Act?
#4 Townshend Act resulted to this horrific event What is the Boston Massacre?
#5 What happened at the First Continental Congress? What happened at the Second Continental Congress? 1st- wanted rights back 2nd- wanted independence
Review Qs, qs, qs, qs....
#1 The study of rights and duties of citizens Civics
#2 Thanks to Ancient Greece, America has this type of government (be specific) What is a representative democracy or a republic?
#3 Acting out your prejudice What is discrimination?
#4 Most important responsibility Being an informed voter
#5 What event led to the Intolerable Act? What is the Boston Tea Party?
Final Question
Name the there powerful religious revival that swept through the colonies in which fiery preaches stress the importance of a personal religious experience during the 1720s The Great Awakening