Using Flash Classroom Jeopardy

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Download the Free Jeopardy Player

  1. First you should download the Flash Jeopardy template.
  2. It is completely free and there is a version for both PC and Mac. It is a Flash executable file that should run on just about any computer. It is also small and can be conveniently saved to a USB drive.

Download Page

Creating a New Game

  1. Use the simple form to create a custom jeopardy game.
  2. You choose each question, answer, and point value.
  3. You can choose up to 5 categories, with up to 5 questions each.
  4. When you are finished entering questions, hit the "Create Game File" button.

Create Jeopardy Game

Saving Your New Game

  1. Right click the game file you just created.
    Save Your Game
  2. Save your game to the folder that holds the Jeopardy Template.
    Give it a meaningful name.
    If you create more games later, put them in the same folder.
    Save Folder
  3. You can also save games straight from the library by right clicking the download link. Then save the text file into a folder with the Jeopardy Flash Template.
    Save a Game

Playing Games You Have Created

  1. Double click the Jeopardy.exe game template.
    If you haven't downloaded the template, you must do this first.
    Download the Jeopardy Template
  2. Type in the name of the game you wish to play.
    Game Name

  3. Your game questions should load. If they do not, make sure you have typed in the correct name and that your game file is really in the same folder as the template file.

Inserting Pictures Into Questions

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