Answer Key

#1 When reviewing the drugs taken by the 50 year old male patient, the nurse recognizes that the drug that is most probably causing erectile dysfunction is the: A -- Vasodilator for hypertension
#2 A patent with a spinal cord injury complains to the nurse of the inability to experience an erection. The nurse explains, 'The ___ component of the nervous system has been affected by your injury.' C -- parasympathetic
#3 The nurse caring for a patient 2 hours after a transurethral resection immediately reports to the charge nurse the presence of large clots in the catheter and drainage bag. The nurse anticipates the physician will: C -- apply traction to the catheter by taping it to the patient's thigh
#4 A male student comes to the campus clinic complaining of painful scrotal edema, nausea, vomiting, chills, and fever. The nurse recognizes these signs and symptoms as being associated with: B -- epidididymitis
#5 The nurse explains to a young man being treated for infertility that the semen analysis will: D -- microscopically assess the sperm for number and motility
#6 The instruction that will increase the comfort of a patient who is recovering from prostatitis is to suggest that the patient: C -- take stool softeners
#7 The nurse should explain that the purpose of the urethral smear is to: B -- detect sexually transmitted infections
#8 When a patient is placed on diethylstilbestrol (DES) for prostate cancer, the nurse explains the possible side effects of the medication might be: A -- gynecomastia
#9 A patient's home instructions after a vasectomy should include that: B -- vasectomies should be seen as usually permanent but sometimes reversible
#10 After an accident at a track meet, a young male runner is brought to the emergency department complaining of intense pain in his scrotum and nausea and vomiting. Based on these initial findings, the nurse suspects: B -- testicular torsion
#11 After the physician has left the room of a 30 year old man who has been diagnosed with testicular cancer, the patient covers his face with both hands and sighs. The nurse's most therapeutic intervention at this time would be to: A -- Ask the patient, 'Do you want to talk about your cancer?'
#12 After surgery to correct a testicular torsion, the nurse cautions the young patient that there is a: B -- possibility of infertility
#13 The nurse who is assessing a young man who is being treated for sterility will inquire whether the young man had any common childhood disease that may be the cause of sterility. Such diseases would include: A -- mumps
#14 When giving instruction about taking sildenafil (Viagra), the nurse would include the instruction that: D -- tablet should be taken 1 hour before sexual activity
#15 The mother of a newborn with cryptorchidism asks if this condition will be permanent. The nurse's best response would be: B -- 'No, several medical and surgical remedies can be performed after your baby's first birthday.'